Company Philosophy

 Rain Country Building Inc. (RCBI) follows the practice of maintaining an onsite presence with hands on attention to detail.  We take pride in our work and believe that this is the only way to ensure we are meeting your specifications and controlling each phase of the build. 

We work with skilled, licensed subcontractors when specific expertise is required. Maintaining regular interaction and communication on each jobsite allows us to be immediately responsive to your needs, help the job progress with fewer delays, and ensure quality work from our contractors.

Our single most important goal is client satisfaction. We ensure this through our commitment to: 

Accountability – We maintain consistent communication with all involved parties to reduce delays and provide clear expectations. In addition, our continuing on-site presence helps to ensure quality throughout each phase of the project. 

Affordability – We keep our costs low to keep your costs low. By keeping overhead minimal, completing various phases of the project in-house, and basing projects on a low fixed fee, we are able to give our customers the greatest value for their dollar.

Availability – In fulfillment of RCBI's vision, we are on site or on call 7 days a week for every job no matter how large or small, simple or complex. We stay in close contact with our subcontractors and communicate with you throughout the project whether you are on the jobsite or miles away.

Professionalism – We understand that your home is very valuable to you and your family, and we treat every job – in remodeling, home repair or new construction – as though it were our own home. Being respectful of a client’s possessions and time by maintaining a clean and organized jobsite are fundamental. For these reasons, we hire only well-qualified, responsible employees who choose to adopt and implement our core principles. 


Our Process

While the specific steps will vary depending on your project, RCBI incorporates a standard process for all building construction:

Initial Project Review – We meet with each client to gain a clear understanding of their vision for their project.  We discuss client specific needs and offer referrals to assist with land acquisition, home design, and project financing.

Early Project Planning –  We work with each client to determine product choices for their home’s mechanical components, as well as all interior and exterior finishes.  We arrange for a site visit to finalize project layout and/or home positioning on the property.  We have an interioir design consultant available to assist with product choices and layout configuration.

Building Process – RCBI and our quality subcontractors will complete the project as designed. RCBI will maintain regular contact with each client to answer questions and keep them up to date on the progress of their project. 

Final Walk-Through – We evaluate the finished project with the client to ensure their complete satisfaction.


Additional Services Available 

24-hour security and surveillance  for large projects where the jobsite is secluded or considered to be at a high risk for theft or vandalism.


Commitment to details

Whether you are hiring RCBI for a maintenance project or major construction, we commit to you:

We will take the time to focus on the details; we will not cut corners; we will leave no loose ends. 

We consider quality and lasting friendships with our clients to be more important than quantity of work or high volume sales. RCBI strives to be the building construction company that our clients and contractors trust and respect, and we want our clients to be completely satisfied not only with the finished product but with the entire building process.